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“Stays tight when the
click is right”

Here at click atlanta  wrench calibration we are set up to do very large volumes of click style torque wrenches.
While we provide many other services, we are focused at being the best ISO certified shop to get your
click wrenches done fast and accurately all at a great price. All our technicians have thousands of jobs
under their belt. Chances are the same technician that performs your job today will be the same one
who works on your tool next year and many more to come. We keep the same team to control quality.
When it comes to calibration, we find these small details matter. All of our team has 10 plus years under
their belt doing every type of torque tool not just click style wrenches.

Calibration Services

hand torque wrenches

Calibration of  your torque wrench for accuracy and precision avoids mistakes, ensures safety, and boosts efficiency. Prioritize calibration for smooth equipment operation and tool performance.

Battery Torque Wrenches

Precision calibration of battery torque wrenches is essential in maintaining optimal efficiency, safety, and performance. Calibrated wrenches ensure that your machines run smoothly and optimally, helping you avoid costly downtime and repairs.

hydraulic wrenches

Calibrating hydraulic wrenches is a crucial step in ensuring accurate torque measurements and preventing over-tightening of bolts. Our technicians have years experience making sure your tools function at optimal performance.

air torque multipliers

Precision calibration of air torque multipliers is an essential step in ensuring their accuracy and reliability in industrial applications. Our specialized calibration equipment and trained technicians ensure precision accuracy.

Ask us about engraving

In addition to our Calibration Services, we do Custom tool Engraving. Please request an engraving request.

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Our Technology

Our state-of-the-art calibration instruments ensure precision and efficiency by measuring and adjusting tools to minimize human error. Well-calibrated tools optimize performance and productivity, resulting in high-quality outputs. Utilizing our cutting-edge technology we can elevate craftsmanship and ensure utmost precision.

Our Ethics

We pride ourselves in delivering exceptional results and meeting clients’ needs is our priority. We aim to be the go-to choice for all tool calibration services and take our reputation seriously.

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